Little Jim Bait & Tackle 2019 Grouper / Snapper Tournament Waiver 

As a participant in the 1st Annual Little Jim Bait & Tackle Grouper/Snapper Captain's Choice tournament. Each Captain is always solely responsible for the safety of his or her vessel and crew . Captains and crews are responsible for following any federal, state and local fishing or boating laws. We encourage all Captains to heed any weather warnings or dangerous weather conditions, as safety is paramount. It is up to each Participant to determine whether their craft is seaworthy for the conditions of any given fishing day. I hereby agree: To waive any and all claims for damages which may arise from the injuries and damages to any party resulting from my participation in the Tournament and hold harmless and indemnify Little Jim Bait and Tackle dba Salty 3 Bait Shack.

I HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD, AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ALL OF THE RULES OF THE TOURNAMENT. I hereby certify that I am over 18 years old and hold a valid boating license and any applicable fishing license by to participate in this Tournament. I certify that I understand all the Rules of the Tournament and the Rules of Safety and Conduct governing my conduct while participating in the Tournament. I will not attempt to conduct Tournament activities while under the influence of any substance which would render my participation in the Tournament to be unsafe. I have completely read and understand this Agreement and its terms. I am aware that, by signing this Agreement, I assume all risks and waive and release certain rights that I and my heirs, next of kin, family, survivors, relatives, guardians, conservators, and executors, may have against Little Jim Bait and Tackle dba Salty 3 BaitShack.

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